Lomi lomi

In the Hawaiian language, “Lomi” means “to knead, rub, or soothe.” This style is distinguished by body-length sweeping, rhythmic compressions, and abdominal massage. It also includes passive range of motion techniques that help to maintain joint mobility. At its core, Lomilomi emphasizes that transformative touch begins with loving hands and heart.

manual lymphatic drainage

Your lymphatic system plays a role in decreasing swelling and inflammation, filtering the blood, and maintaining your immune system. Manual lymphatic drainage uses long, gentle strokes along the lymphatic pathways lying just beneath the skin to encourage the movement of stagnant lymph fluid back into your bloodstream. Movement of the lymph fluid is essential for detoxification. Lymphatic massage will leave you feeling rested and cleansed.

Please ask me about post-surgical lymphatic drainage! I have significant experience in this realm as well. 


Deep Tissue

One of my personal favorites to receive, deep tissue massage uses elbow and forearm compressions and strokes to target zones of tension of the muscles and tendons directly. Sometimes a deep tissue massage may leave you feeling sore the following day. This is typical as your muscles have been manually stretched and compressed. During your massage, we will communicate the pressure that is deep enough for you. It is also important to keep hydrated before and after your session. 



What a treat for mom-to-be and little one! Prenatal massage has many physiological and emotional benefits for mom and baby including easing joint/muscle pain, reducing stress, increasing circulation, enhancing mobility, and even helping to foster bonding with baby. Moms in any trimester of pregnancy may safely receive, and massages are typically given side-lying (high-risk pregnancies must first seek physician advice).



Whenever your body feels ready, gentler to deeper postpartum massage can improve recovery time, help restore posture, reduce your risk of postpartum depression and benefit breastfeeding efforts. If you have had a c-section, I might suggest a post-surgery lymphatic massage when cleared by your physician. Baby can join these sessions with you if desired!

labor Preparation massage

Offered at 38+ weeks gestation, this massage incorporates acupressure and massage techniques that may help to prepare your mind and body for labor. ***There is no evidence that supports massage will induce labor or miscarriage in any trimester.*** However, the treatment given is intended to relax mom and encourage optimal birthing outcomes. Castor oil belly rub (optional) and labor prep “goodie bag” included! 

Please let me know upon booking if there is a particular modality or region of the body you would like a greater emphasis on!


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